The 5 things I know about myself (part one)

In my feelings of dissatisfaction, I decided to spend an afternoon doing some self examination. I want to find work I love, but to do that, I need to look not forward but backward at the things I know to be true of myself and find some common themes. For brevity’s sake, I’m going to break this post into two parts. I’ll share 3 axioms today and 2 more tomorrow. As an aside, self examination is an excellent discipline for anyone to commit to because it allows you to discover what has always been under your own nose.

1. God Exists

The first thing I learned about myself actually had to do with my place in the universe. I had an existential problem. Who’s universe was it? Were there several universes, or just this one? Is it possible that it all just happened? Is that plausible? Is that likely? Taking the leap of faith to say that I and other perceived humans exist, what am I for? What is a human for? Does my life have a purpose? In the name of brevity, I’ll spare you most of the details of my journey. I considered both Atheism and Christianity. For me, there could only be those two options. No middle ground existed. However, I found that Atheism actually required more assumptions on my part than Christianity did. A simple paradigm I learned in philosophy was Occam’s Razor. You’re probably familiar with it, but if not, I’ll explain. Occam’s Razor is a problem solving device that simply states that when faced with uncertainty and competing hypotheses, the hypothesis that requires less assumption should be selected. Perhaps the more complicated hypothesis may prove true, but in the face of uncertainty, the less one is required to assume, the better. In light of that, it became better, more reasonable and far simpler for me to assume that God exists than to assume He does not.

2. I belong to God

If God exists, He must be the Christian God. For me, there was no alternative. It was black and white. He either existed and He was the God of Israel or He didn’t. Now, since I’m assuming that He exists, there are other things that are necessarily true. He must be who He said He is. He must be omnipotent and omnipresent. He must be gracious, just, jealous, vengeful, merciful, and loving, because that’s who He said He is. I must belong to Him. I must be His. In the same way that a melody or a poem I create is mine, He created me and I am His Creation. I am no accident. I have been designed, and just like anything else that has been designed, I have a particular purpose. I bear His signature. I belong to Him.

3. I have been designed with a purpose

God is a purposeful God. He is not blind, unguided, nor random. He is a specific and purposeful designer. Given that I belong to Him because He created me, I must also have a reason for existing. Given that I have been distinctly designed, I must have a distinct purpose. I should disambiguate for a moment: This does not in any way mean that I absolutely know what this purpose is. I am still discovering that. However, I know that I have such purpose. I need to clarify again for a moment: I am not talking about the general purpose given to all Christians, that is to be fruitful, multiply, give glory to God, etc. I believe there is a highly specified and distinct reason for which God has created me.