More Old Poetry

“Let’s fly a kite.
I’ve always wanted to,
But I’ve always been afraid
That the cold might bite.”

“Let’s snuggle up,” you say,
“Inside our coats,
Cozy warm so we
Can fly a kite today.”

Hand in hand
We leave our place
Traveling to the nearest
Wide open land

We finally find a place
And throw the kite in the air
The wind catches it quickly
And after it, we chase

Around the park, we try
To stop the wind
That thief, from
Carrying it away into the sky

Finally, you nab it
And winded from
All the running
We stop for a bit

I wrap my arms
Around your waist
And gently kiss
The side of your face

You let out a girlish giggle
And the kite is high
The wind pulls the kite
Even closer to the sky

I look you in the eye
They sparkle when you smile
And they captivate me
Even as our kite flies

You turn to
Face me,
Noses touching

And I whisper so quietly
That the wind, that thief
Almost steals the
Sound from me

“I love you”

You giggle again
In your girlish way,
“I love you too”
You say

“Let it go,” I say
And the wind,
The thief,
Steals our kite away

You turn your body,
Wrap your arms
Around my neck
And face me

I take my hand
And with it place
It gently, resting
On your face

Our eyes closed
I pull you into it
And you lean in
And we kiss

And you slip your hand
Slyly into mine
And we walk back home
Missing one kite.

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One comment on “More Old Poetry

  1. Kristine Rarick says:

    STOP THAT!! RIGHT NOW! And I only just worked out how to Comment. . . I know, I know . .not that hard, but I got confused. So now you have some competition maybe Kate.

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