Re: Work? Optional!

Work? Optional!

If money were out of the equation, would you still work? If yes, why, and how much? If not, what would you do with your free time?

– from The Daily Post

If I didn’t have to worry about an income, would I continue to work? Yeah, I would, but I would do the work I want to do rather than the work I have to do. I’ve been on a journey to find work I truly love for a while now. I’m not there yet, but I think I’m on the right path. I’ve recently enrolled in graduate school to get a Master’s of Arts in Christian Counseling. The truth is, while I work a “stop gap” sort of job now, if I didn’t have to, I still would. I would still choose to work somewhere. It would just look different. I could make my hobbies my work. I could make developing my disc golf putt or my writing style my work. Music could become my work. Whatever it may be, I would work. I would always feel the pull to do something constructive and creative.

I believe that work is fundamentally good and it can even be great when we find work that actually suits our unique gifts, talents and skills. I believe that as we work in the fields and opportunities for which we were designed, we make the world better and simultaneously make ourselves better. I believe that good work makes a better world and a greater person. As a result, I may be one of those rare people who chooses never to “retire.” That is to say, I may stop having a 9-5 or whatever it may be to generate income, but I will find work I love and when I do, I’ll continue to do that until I die.

See, for me, it’s not about the income, it’s about the craft. It’s about finally achieving mastery over something. For most of my life, I’ve felt talented and eclectic, but I’ve also felt like a jack of all trades, master of none sort of guy. I feel like possess talent, but little skill and discipline. As a result, I see great value in eventually mastering a craft, any craft, every craft, but most importantly my chosen craft, whatever that may be. Counseling immediately and who knows what else beyond that. I want to be a life-learner. I want to continue to learn and master new things. I love learning how to do new things. Although it’s difficult at the time, I love learning that I simply can’t do something. That way I can finally know and eliminate that at which I simply am not good. This attitude is going to lend me a tendency to try new things forever, to continuing learning forever, and to continue working forever. In the same way I want to be a life-learner, I want to be a life-worker.


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