An old Facebook Status

Remember when Facebook used to make you update your status like this: “Jonathan is . . .” And you had to fill in the blank? It was pretty frustrating if you wanted to share anything in any tense other than the present. I tried to find creative ways around it, such as this gem I just came across.

Jonathan V. Rarick

is looking in a critical way

at Hitler’s rhetoric.

How else shall I spend a Saturday?


Yet somewhere in the distance,

I hear memories of warmer days passed

Full of disc golf, for instance,

The sound of Joy as my friends laughed.


These are memories of a time so innocent,

A time when I was still young,

But the moment’s passed, I see this instant

And the man that I have become.


I long for my childhood,

A time lost in the ebb and flow.

I was rushed into adulthood,

“Oh where did the time go?”


It’s only been a few months

If you’re looking at the calendar,

But if you’re looking at me,

It’s been years

And you won’t recognize me anymore

Just like you never knew me before.


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