Baby Boy

Baby boy, I
Remember you

Too young to speak
Too young to know
Too young to move

But I
Remember you

Sitting peacefully In your mother’s womb, I
Remember you

Even unto untimely death, I
Remember you

You were only a
Baby boy

And that is how I
Remember you,
Baby Boy


The problem with nice people

“A world of nice people, content in their own niceness, looking no further, turned away from God, would be just as desperately in need of salvation as a miserable world and might even be more difficult to save.” – C.S. Lewis

The Open Air

The open air

Has opened my mind
To see by the light of the
Though I dare
Not stare
At his splendor there
For long
For He is as the sun:
I cannot behold with my eyes
Or by the power of my mind
The vastness of His majesty
And yet
By these
Do I see
All things
The world
By the Father
Of Lights
– J

I think, perhaps

I think, perhaps,
That I have known thee
In dreams. Or memories.
Or perhaps I am simply
imagining these.

What yet remains
Is I have yet to ascertain
A reality
Without thee

As the deepest longings
Of my heart are strung bare
I find that I am yet for thee.

And yet I have not known thee,

Or Have I?
Have I known thee
And yet did memory fly?
Or did I dream of thee
Continuing by and by?

Have I imagined you so
And found no respite?
Have I yet answered your beck and call
As a horse to the bit?
Not having the wherewithal
To resist for a moment?

So truly, perhaps I should confess,
That I have been yours yet
Before I knew you
Before I saw you,
Or you, me

Yes, I knew thee
I knew thee
and I know thee
and I shall know thee
and you, me.

– J