Baby Boy

Baby boy, I
Remember you

Too young to speak
Too young to know
Too young to move

But I
Remember you

Sitting peacefully In your mother’s womb, I
Remember you

Even unto untimely death, I
Remember you

You were only a
Baby boy

And that is how I
Remember you,
Baby Boy


The Open Air

The open air

Has opened my mind
To see by the light of the
Though I dare
Not stare
At his splendor there
For long
For He is as the sun:
I cannot behold with my eyes
Or by the power of my mind
The vastness of His majesty
And yet
By these
Do I see
All things
The world
By the Father
Of Lights
– J

I think, perhaps

I think, perhaps,
That I have known thee
In dreams. Or memories.
Or perhaps I am simply
imagining these.

What yet remains
Is I have yet to ascertain
A reality
Without thee

As the deepest longings
Of my heart are strung bare
I find that I am yet for thee.

And yet I have not known thee,

Or Have I?
Have I known thee
And yet did memory fly?
Or did I dream of thee
Continuing by and by?

Have I imagined you so
And found no respite?
Have I yet answered your beck and call
As a horse to the bit?
Not having the wherewithal
To resist for a moment?

So truly, perhaps I should confess,
That I have been yours yet
Before I knew you
Before I saw you,
Or you, me

Yes, I knew thee
I knew thee
and I know thee
and I shall know thee
and you, me.

– J